Locating GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Trackers, Spyware And Apple Airtag / BLE Trackers are Deployed to Track You

Concerned someone may have deployed a GPS tracker / Apple Air Tag on your vehicle?

Unauthorized GPS tracking can occur in various scenario

  • Suspicious partners in a relationship: In turbulent times, a jealous partner may resort to unethical methods, such as tracking your car.
  • Unethical private investigators: Employed during disputes, private investigators might breach your privacy by engaging in illegal vehicle tracking.
  • Corporate espionage: Competitors involved in corporate espionage may take an interest in your movements

Having your vehicle’s location monitored without your knowledge is a serious privacy violation. Don’t wait to regain control. Australian Bug Detection Group, Australia’s leading TSCM specialists, can help find hidden tracking devices.

Our expert bug sweeping services offer:

  • Identification of hidden GPS trackers and Apple Air Tags /BLE devices: We thoroughly inspect your vehicle to locate any concealed trackers.
  • Removal of any tracking devices found: Our team can safely remove any discovered tracking devices.
  • Restoration of your privacy and peace of mind: With our help, you can feel secure knowing your movements are yours alone.

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Different Types of GPS Trackers and Their Threats

GPS trackers come in two main forms, presenting a significant privacy risk. Let’s delve into these categories:

  1. Magnetically Mounted Trackers: These battery-powered devices easily attach to your vehicle’s undercarriage.
  2. Hardwired Trackers: These advanced devices directly connect to your vehicle’s electrical system, providing extended tracking capabilities.
  3. BLE Trackers: These contemporary devices, such as Apple Air Tags utilize Bluetooth Low Energy to network with other nearby Bluetooth devices and can be easily concealed.

Regardless of the tracker type, they offer real-time information to individuals with malicious intent:

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: These trackers transmit your vehicle’s location data, enabling unauthorized individuals to monitor your movements.
  • Live Audio in Advanced Models: Some trackers even capture and transmit live audio from within the vehicle cabin, intensifying privacy concerns.

The presence of a GPS tracker can lead to severe consequences. If you suspect your vehicle is under surveillance, immediate action is essential.


Warning Signs of GPS Tracking and How to Respond

How can you tell if you’re being tracked? Here are some red flags to watch for:

GPS Tracking extends beyond vehicles:

  • Compromised Mobile Phones: Spyware infections allow third parties to monitor your phone’s location without your consent.

Detecting Spyware: If you suspect your phone has been compromised, a professional forensic scan can uncover any malicious software. Australian Bug Detection Group provides this service to safeguard your privacy..

What to Do Next: If you suspect GPS tracking on your vehicle or phone, don’t hesitate to take action. Australian Bug Detection Group can help. We offer comprehensive services to:

  • Locate and remove hidden GPS trackers from your vehicle.
  • Perform forensic scans to identify spyware on your phone or other devices.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and regain control of your privacy.

If you feel you your vehicle is being tracked and followed, contact us to thoroughly check over your vehicle. At Australian Bug Detection Group, we have been trained in, and utilise the correct equipment to locate GPS tracking devices.