Locating GPS Tracking Devices

NOTE: We DO NOT SELL OR INSTALL GPS tracking devices.

Did you know, within all States and Territories of Australia, (apart from law enforcement with authorisation) it is a breach of the (relevant) Surveillance Devices Act for a tracking device to be deployed on a vehicle without consent / knowledge of the person in legal possession of said vehicle. Whether it be the suspicious partner, a relationship breakdown, a Private Investigator acting illegally, or corporate espionage, your vehicle's location could be of interest to others.


GPS trackers are readily available in mainly two forms - magnetic mounted running on batteries or those which are connected to the vehicle's power. Whichever style of tracker deployed, it has the ability to provide those with illicit intent with real time GPS feeds of the tracked vehicle; some devices also have the ability to transmit live audio from within the vehicle cabin.

If people appear to know your current location or where you have been, it is feasible a GPS tracker has been deployed on your vehicle. Would you know how to check and locate it? We do, and can.

A GPS tracker does not neet to be a physical device hidden on a vehicle; if a mobile phone has been compromised with Spyware, that phone's location can be secretly monitored by a third party. In order to ascertain whehter a device has been compromised, a forensic scan of the device is required.


If you feel you your vehicle is being tracked and followed, contact us to thoroughly check over your vehicle.

 At Australian Bug Detection Group, we have been trained in, and utilise the correct equipment to locate GPS tracking devices.  

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