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In recent years, eavesdropping technology has evolved from strength to strength and so has equipment to counter the eavesdropping threat, which is why Australian Bug Detection Group has invested significantly in some of the most advanced TSCM equipment available worldwide.

When researching and selecting a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) provider, it is important to compare apples with apples. Despite there being many businesses who claim to provide 'bug sweeping services', only a small handful of TSCM providers in Australia are appropriately equipped and trained for the task. Many Australian Private Investigation companies advertise TSCM or bug sweep services; the reality being that they utilise cheap inferior and ineffective equipment purchased from Ebay or the local ‘spy shop’ claiming they can perform ‘bug sweeps’ and have not made an investment in training and appropriate equipment to address a TSCM assignment professionally. The net result of this is that the project is not adequately completed, which compromises the client’s (your) security. These pieces of equipment are effectively toys with a price tag of $50 to over $1000; a professional TSCM provider would have invested in over $100,000 in their equipment and training.

Don't trust your security with a Private Investigation firm who sub contract the work out to ill experienced people who are often charlatans. Ask and check who carries out their work, ask for proof of their qualifications and what equipment they use. We attend every assisgment.


Toy bug detector

 Inferior toy 'bug detectors' 

 Professional TSCM equipment

 Professional Government grade TSCM equipment utilised by Australian Bug Detection Group

Ask your potential TSCM provider to confirm the following:

• What equipment they use

• What training have they received and where

• What spectrum analyser they use and up to what frequencies can they analyse

• Can they iscolate hidden transmitting frequencies within the WiFi 2.4GHz range

• How do they historically identify exactly whether and when a burst transmitter was activated

• Can they check and analyise land line telephones including, analgue, digital and VoiP

• How do they go about checking for non transmitting / passive devices

• Do they own a Non-Linear Junction Detector

• Do they own a Thermal Imaging Camera

• Do they provide a written report

• Do they carry out the work themselves or do they sub-contract the work out (as with most PI companies)

If the provider cannot offer the above, they are not providing you with an adequate or professional service.

Board room TSCMAustralian Bug Detection Group has received international training by the manufacturers of the equipment we utilise in the field as well as further advanced TSCM training. We have invested in over $150,000 in our equipment and training. We use a risk management and systematic approach that covers an RF spectrum analysis up to 24GHz, state of the art telephone instrumentation and line and system analysis (including analogue, digital and VoiP), non-linear junction detection, thermal image analysis as well as a thorough physical inspection.

Our Director and Principal, Mr Alan Earl has been working in the security and investigation sector for over a decade and is a member of the professional international body Espianage Research Insitute International (ERII) as well as the internationally recognised security body ASIS International both of which require us to abide by a strict code of ethics and conduct.

We are the Bug Detectors.

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