Am I Bugged?

Although not being conclusive evidence, there are many indicators which may suggest an individual or organisation may have been compromised and bugged.

Possible indicators of being bugged may include:

GSM Bug location

  • Other parties are aware of confidential information.
  • Confidential information regarding business meetings has become public or known to the competition.
  • You repeatedly notice unknown vehicles within the vicinity of your premise and elsewhere.
  • People know of your activities when there is no reason for them to know.
  • Debris from overhead ceiling tiles is visible on floors, desks and tables.
  • Damage to ceiling tiles and or are out of place.
  • A recent break in has occurred however nothing was stolen.
  • Noise heard from phones and baby monitors that are not in use.
  • High-pitched sounds and tones heard when the land line phone is picked up.
  • Interference exhibited on televisions and or radios.
  • Light switch wall plates and electtical sockets have been tampered with.
  • Strange objects and or gifts appear without your knowledge.

If you have any concerns, contact us without delay to discuss your situation.  

* Note, when contacting us by phone, ensure you are calling from a payphone, mobile phone or land line that is located outside of the compromised area.