Residential Bug Sweeps

It is unfortunate, though a real concern, that many private homes are bugged by deceitful and devious people or companies in order to find out private information and intelligence about those living inside. The ‘spy’ could be someone who is untrusting in a relationship or is divorcing their partner, an employer or business associate, a spying neighbour or even an unscrupulous private investigator.



With the ease of access and the proliferation of various types of illicit eavesdropping equipment widely available on the internet and from high street retail ‘spy shops’, we at Australian Bug Detection Group, The Bug Detectors, work with our residential clients to conduct detailed technical bug sweeps. Whatever your concern, The Bug Detectors will locate and identify hidden cameras, 3G, 4G, 5G transmitting devices, wireless devices, FM audio transmitters, GPS tracking devices and recording equipment which have been covertly installed and deployed to acquire private information. With a growing concern of spyware being secretly installed on mobile devices to track location, activate the microphones and phone cameras, Australian Bug Detection Group can also provide the service to check your mobile phone for spyware.

Our trained and experienced technicians will conduct both a physical inspection and technical survey of your premise, phones and vehicles using specialist equipment.



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