Mobile Phone Spyware Analysis


Do you suspect your mobile phone calls are being monitored?





Mobile phone spy software, often known as Spyware, are mobile apps that secretly monitor and obtain information from target phones. It can record phone calls, activate video, text messages and other sensitive information. All recorded data is sent to the app’s server. The spyware runs in the background of the device it is installed on and usually cannot be detected by users.

There is numerous spyware software (running Apple or Android) available which can be surreptitiously installed onto your mobile phone. Taking seconds to install, the perpetrator has access to:


Tracking Log View Contents Texts / SMS History
GPS Tracking Activate Microphone Record Phone Calls
WhatsApp Activate Camera Emails
Social Media The Web Read Notes
Control Apps Web History Key Log
Device Locking Remote Control Geo Fencing
Multi Media Files Photos Videos
Facebook Messenger iMessenger Viber
Instagram Snapchat Telegram
Hangouts Tinder Skype
Calendar Contacts Stealing Call Logs


Cyber-spies can look through your cell phone camera in real time, listen through your microphone in real time, and upload all your data to an offsite server.  You won't even notice until it's too late. 


In order to ascertain whether Spyware has been installed on your mobile device, a deep spyware detection scan is required. Utiilising equipment typically used by law enforcement world wide,  Australian Bug Detection Group will scan, identify, and remove dangerous spyware from your device to keep your mobile phone data private, secure and safe from eavesdropping and monitoriing. 


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