Effective Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics is the retrieval, analysis and examination of data found or recovered from mobile phones, PDAs, SIM/USIM cards, computer memory cards and hard drives.

Worldwide mobile phone usage has increased dramatically in recent years and as such the convenience of easy communication, anytime and anywhere, has lead to this communication tool being regularly utilised in a large number of the cases we investigate. The inevitable trace of evidence from mobile phone usage to clues about people's whereabouts, actions, and intentions delivers the need for mobile phone forensics.

Mobile phone forensics

Information that can be retrieved from a phone include contact lists, SMS messages, address books, call logs, and location information. This kind of information can make or break a case both in investigations into infidelity right through to corporate fraud investigations contact Australian Bug Detection Group to discuss how we can assist with data retrieval from mobile devices.

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