Finding Apple Air Tags

In the world of tracking technology, the pursuit of hidden trackers often mirrors the detective work we see in popular TV series; fans of Better Call Saul may recall Episode 1 of Series 3, where the tenacious Mike Ehrmantraut had a suspicion that there was a tracker on his vehicle. With his dogged determination he stripped down his car, and his diligence paid off when he unearthed the tracker embedded cleverly within the fuel cap.

Better Call Saul Ep1 S3
Better Call Saul Ep1 S3

Locating hidden trackers can sometimes be straightforward; however as with Mike’s discovery, it is often akin to the proverbial needle in a haystack. This challenge becomes increasingly pronounced when dealing with tracking devices as discreet as the popular Apple Air Tag. With a mere 32mm in diameter and an 8mm thickness, these trackers can be concealed inconspicuously within a vehicle’s interior or body.

Recently, a client reached out to us in a state of apprehension after receiving a notification on his Samsung mobile device. The notification indicated the presence of an Apple Air Tag within his immediate vicinity, while he was inside his vehicle. What alerted him even more was that (even though he did not own an IPhone) the digital alert even displayed a map detailing his recent route. Understandably concerned for his safety, this 73-year-old client sought our assistance in locating and removing the Air Tag.

Leveraging open-source technology, we were able to establish a connection with the concealed Air Tag and activate the device’s alarm, allowing us to pinpoint its exact location on the vehicle. Additionally, utilizing our Non-Linear Junction Detector confirmed the presence of electronics in the vicinity. The challenge, however, lay in the fact that the alarm emanated from within the vehicle’s side skirting, with no apparent access point. Despite our best efforts, the removal of several undercarriage bolts failed to provide access to the tracker.

We decided to have the vehicle elevated on a hoist. This is where we received the invaluable support from @bmwau, who not only granted us access to a hoist but also professionally removed several panels, enabling us to finally locate and remove the elusive Apple Air Tag. Their generosity and professionalism were instrumental in our success

Removing panels from under vehicle
Side skirting where alarm was Air Tag alarm was heard
Inside side skirt where the Air Tag had been deployed
Removed Air Tag (covered in sticky tape)

This underscores the growing challenge of tracking technology concealment and the need for innovative solutions in preserving individual privacy and security. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of privacy in the digital age requires vigilance and expertise. As technology continues to advance, so too must our capabilities to protect our personal space.

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