BYOD – Is your data at risk of an Insider Threat?

The threat of a rogue internal player is often the most challenging to counter. With the ability to copy data onto a plethora of storage mediums, the rogue employee has the potential to steal IP at ease; the introduction of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) to the workplace heightens that risk. How would your organisation know whether a rogue insider was feeding information to an external party via their personal WiFi Access Point (WAP)? Does your organisation have a BYOD policy?

In recent months on two separate interstate TSCM assignments the Australian Bug Detection Group discovered operating personal WiFi Access Points (WAPs) within staff member’s work-spaces. Although no WiFi clients were tethered to the APs at the time of the sweep being conducted, the question raised was whether they were benign or indeed, a threat. During the post report debriefs, the clients confirmed to us that they had not been aware of the WAPs which had not been sanctioned by the IT department and further internal investigations would be conducted.

WiFi Hunting

A professional technical surveillance counter measures survey is not just about looking for ‘traditional’ hidden microphones and or cameras. The introduction of BYOD to the workplace strengthens the capability for a rogue staff member to leak confidential corporate information electronically; therefore, the TSCM team should be hunting for, identifying and confirming the physical presence of each WiFi signal detected.

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