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VIP Privacy Protection

VIP Client TSCM Protection by Australian Bug Detection Group

Are you a Security Provider with VIP clients requiring heightened privacy? At Australian Bug Detection Group (ABDG), we understand the constant scrutiny faced by VIPs and high-net-worth individuals. That’s why we offer unparalleled  Bug Sweep and TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) services designed to safeguard your client’s privacy in every aspect.

VIP Bug Sweep
VIP Bug Sweep


Why Choose ABDG for VIP Clients?

  • Discretion You Can Trust: We are renowned for our absolute confidentiality for your VIP Client. Your TSCM sweep is conducted with the utmost secrecy, ensuring your privacy remains uncompromised.
  • Experience You Can Rely On: With over 70 years of combined expertise, our team is Australia’s leading TSCM provider. We have the knowledge and skills to detect even the most advanced hidden cameras, listening devices, and GPS trackers.
  • Technology You Can Count On: We continuously invest in contemporary equipment, staying ahead of evolving 5G threats and exceeding industry standards.
  • Nationwide Reach at Your Service: Our Melbourne base allows for swift and discreet deployment across Australia, ensuring a seamless sweep of your residence, office, or any other location requiring protection.


Reclaim Control of Your Privacy:

  • Negotiate with Confidence: Safeguard confidential discussions and maintain your competitive edge in sensitive business deals.
  • Relax in Your Sanctuary: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home is free from unwanted surveillance.
  • Move Freely: Minimize the risk of unauthorized tracking and information breaches, allowing you to travel and conduct your private life with confidence.


Don’t settle for anything less than complete privacy for your VIP client.

Contact ABDG today for a confidential consultation. Discover how our TSCM expertise can empower you to live life uncompromised.