Corporate TSCM Surveys

The Corporate

Secure Your Competitive Advantage with Australian Bug Detection Group's Corporate TSCM Services

Is TSCM part of your security protocols? Today’s business world is a battlefield, and confidential information is your secret weapon. But readily available, advanced eavesdropping devices make corporate espionage a constant threat. Unethical competitors and insider threats can easily deploy illegal tactics to steal your intellectual property (IP), gaining a significant market advantage.

According to the ASIO’s Director General Annual Threat Assessment 2023, “Australia is facing an unprecedented challenge from espionage and foreign interference”.

Australian Bug Detection Group (ABDG) understands the critical need for robust corporate security. That’s why we offer Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services, also known as bug sweeps, to help businesses like yours protect sensitive information and confidential conversations.

Here’s why ABDG is your trusted partner in securing your competitive edge:

  • Neutralize Espionage Threats: Our experts identify and eliminate hidden listening devices, cameras, and GPS trackers used for illegal surveillance.
  • Safeguard Your Competitive Edge: We shield your intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential negotiations from unauthorized access.
  • Fortify Your Security Protocols: Integrate regular TSCM / bug sweeps into your existing security protocols for a comprehensive defense.
  • Maintain Peace of Mind: Our experienced technicians leverage advanced equipment to conduct thorough and discreet sweeps of your office space, vehicles, and other sensitive areas.

When to Leverage ABDG’s TSCM Services:

  • High-Level Negotiations: Guarantee the confidentiality of critical discussions.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Protect sensitive information during vital transactions.
  • Workplace Reforms: Mitigate potential leaks of sensitive data.
  • Ongoing Security Checks: Maintain a proactive security posture with regular sweeps.

Don’t wait for a security breach to cripple your business. Contact ABDG today for a free consultation and discover how our TSCM / Bug Sweep services can safeguard your business and ensure your competitive edge.

The Specialization

Uncover Hidden Threats for Corporate and Residential Space with TSCM

TSCM 5G Ready

At the core of our commitment to providing unparalleled security lies our investment in contemporary TSCM equipment. This comprehensive suite empowers our technicians to analyze a broad spectrum of frequencies, encompassing even the latest 5G bands. Moreover, this advanced technology boasts future-proofing capabilities through its scalability to accommodate upcoming 5G allocations. As a result, we remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving threat landscape, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date protection available.

Signal Verification

Once a meticulous analysis of all detected signals is complete, our technicians seamlessly transitions to the next crucial step. This process, known as correlation and verification, involves cross-referencing the signals against the ACMA database. This essential step acts as a powerful filter, allowing us to distinguish between legitimate devices operating within the authorized spectrum and potentially suspicious signals that may warrant further investigation.

Signal Geolocation

Building upon the comprehensive detection capabilities of our advanced equipment, we leverage the power of Google Maps and Street View integration. This innovative feature allows for automatic geolocation of detected signals, pinpointing their precise transmitting source. This valuable information provides us with unparalleled insights into the origin of the threat, empowering us to make informed decisions. With this knowledge, we can then take targeted action to neutralize potential threats, ensuring the continued security of your environment.

Signal Demodulation

Following the identification of any potential threats, we address demodulation where we can extract the hidden information these devices are transmitting. This crucial step provides you with invaluable insights into the nature of the threat, allowing you to formulate a targeted response. By understanding the content of the transmissions, we can take appropriate measures to neutralize the threat and restore your peace of mind.

Rogue Signal Detection

Crucially, our TSCM equipment surpasses the limitations of traditional bug sweeps. Our advanced technology excels at identifying and locating rogue signals emanating from potential hidden cameras and microphones. These unauthorized devices can be cleverly disguised and attempt to operate undetected within the Wi-Fi spectrum, bypassing basic detection methods. Fortunately, our cutting-edge equipment is specifically designed to identify these suspicious signals, allowing us to pinpoint their precise location and eliminate potential security risks before they can compromise your privacy.

RF Heatmaps

Utilizing advanced software to generate interactive  RF Heatmap Floor Plans. These plans clearly highlight the location of detected RF energy hotspots, providing us with a comprehensive picture of your radio frequency environment. This easy-to-understand visualization allows for seamless analysis of potential surveillance threats, empowering us to make informed decisions about your security posture.

WiFi Examinations

Moving beyond the limitations of traditional bug detection, our comprehensive TSCM sweeps leverage advanced equipment to provide unparalleled security. This advanced technology allows us to effectively identify and locate rogue Wi-Fi access points and clients, both those operating within your secure network and even those positioned externally. These unauthorized devices can pose a significant security risk, potentially creating vulnerabilities for data breaches or unauthorized access. Fortunately, our cutting-edge equipment allows us to pinpoint their location with precision, enabling swift mitigation and ensuring the continued security of your network.

The Hardwire

Telephony & Data Cables

  • Analogue, Digital and VoIP telephones and lines anlaysed for voltage, current, resitance, capcitance and RF
  • Wires and cables are analysed with FDR and NLJD for intercepting electronics
  • VoIP data packets are analysed and encryption is verified.

    The Specialization

    Combining Technology with Meticulous Physical Inspection for Maximum Detection

    While advanced TSCM equipment plays a crucial role in bug sweeping, the value of thorough physical searches cannot be underestimated. In fact, it’s a vital component of the entire operation. Hidden microphones and cameras are often cleverly disguised and strategically placed in concealed locations to evade electronic detection. That’s why, in addition to employing cutting-edge technology, ABDG also conducts a meticulous physical search. This comprehensive approach ensures we don’t miss anything, maximizing the effectiveness of your bug sweep.

    Hidden Microphone Concealment

    Microphones have been found in places such as power sockets; therefore, (where feasible), we remove and check all power and data sockets.

    Power Kick Board Examination

    Following the initial electronic sweep, our technicians meticulously examine all potential hiding spots within your facility. This includes carefully opening power kick boards to gain unobstructed access for visual inspections. By thoroughly examining these concealed areas, we can ensure no unauthorized devices have been placed for surveillance purposes.

    Power and Data Socket Examination

    Our technicians meticulously examine all potential entry points for unauthorized devices. This includes carefully inspecting all power and data sockets. By opening these access points, we can visually identify any possible rogue devices that may be powered by the mains AC electrical supply and attempting to operate undetected within your network.

    False Ceiling Examinations

    Our commitment to comprehensive security extends to all potential hiding spots. We utilize specialized cameras and borescopes to conduct visual inspections of false ceilings and other cavities. This advanced equipment allows our technicians to see beyond what the naked eye can detect, searching for any suspicious items such as hidden cameras, cabling, or microphones that may have been installed for clandestine surveillance.

    Other Void and Concealed Area Examinations

    Our technicians meticulously examine false ceilings, wall voids, ventilation shafts, and other concealed areas, searching for any suspicious items like hidden cameras, microphones, or cabling that may have been installed for surveillance purposes.

    Pole Camera Checks

    Voids and other cavities are inspected using dedicated pole cameras

    Thermal Image Inspections

    Elevating our comprehensive sweep even further, we incorporate the advanced capabilities of thermal imaging cameras. This innovative technology allows our technicians to detect unusual heat signatures emanating from your environment. These anomalies can often be indicative of hidden devices such as cameras or transmitters that may be attempting to operate under the radar. By leveraging thermal imaging, we can identify potential threats that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring a more comprehensive security assessment.

    Hidden In Plain Sight

    Deception is a common tactic employed by those attempting to install hidden bugs. These devices are often cleverly disguised or tucked away inside seemingly ordinary objects. To counter this tactic, we utilize the advanced capabilities of thermal imaging cameras. This innovative technology allows our technicians to detect suspicious thermal footprints emanating from your environment. Even cleverly disguised bugs will generate heat, and these anomalies can reveal their location. By leveraging thermal imaging, we can expose hidden bugs, regardless of their attempted camouflage, ensuring a more thorough security sweep.